EV Range X

Who are EV range X?

RangeX is a solution to EV driver range anxiety, the RangeX utilizes a micro rotary engine which allows the gen-set to be a third smaller than an internal combustion engine. The RangeX automatically starts once the battery falls below a designated level, charging the battery on the move giving drivers dramatically increased mileage with an engine fuel tank that only requires refilling after 1000 miles.

Work Done

EV Range X needed a re-design on an existing website to showcase what their patented EV Range Extender is capable of. With that in mind, we sat down and started to brainstorm our ideas. After a couple of hours, we had a design concept in mind and got straight to work. As EV RangeX is a very sleek company we wanted to portray that in this design, with modern touches and the ever-popular “dark theme” design.

Web Design

With EV RangeX being a sleek modern business whose goal is to help people take the next step into electric vehicles we wanted to create something that shows what type of business they are. We got tasked to create a single webpage to showcase what EV Range is all about. We LOVE working on single web pages (landing pages) as those types of pages get straight to point. it’s easy for the user to navigate, they are fast and responsive.

Luckily for us, EV rangeX already had a company video showcasing how their product works, and we’ve got to say it’s a fantastic video. It captures the user’s attention immediately and we wanted the video to be the first thing you see. Once we had the video where we wanted it to be, the rest just fell into place. Sticking with their colour scheme of a lovely dark blue and black we managed to create contrasting sections that guide you to the bottom of the page.

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