Environmental Revolution

Who are Environmental Revolution

Environmental Revolution is all about the natural and social environment and changing it across the globe through awareness campaigns, technology and training. They want to reduce the carbon footprint and the social impact that businesses and persons have across the world.

Work Done

Environmental Revolution needed one of our complete branding packages which included a full website design, logo design, business card design and one chosen social media page design. With one of these complete packages, our whole team have input with all the design aspects that are required. 

Web Design

Environmental Revolution had no website as it was a fresh IP, they had purchased a domain in 2018 but never had the chance to use it. When Jonathan, one of the directors of Environmental Revolution contacted us about creating a website we were so excited to start! We love anything that has a positive impact on the environment. Jonathan was unsure what direction he could take in terms of branding and asked us for help. Our first thought was “GREEN”. So we did just that, we created a green website (with the colour green too).

Logo Design

When it came time to design Environmental Revolution’s logo it was a pretty simple process as they already had an idea of what they would like. Jonathan supplied us with concepts of the logo which accelerated and reduced the time it took for us to produce the final versions of the logos. 

Social Media Page Design

Our Complete Business packages come with social media page designs as standard, as Environmental Revolution primarily operates on Twitter, we had the task of creating the page banner for them. as they are an environmentally focused company that wants to reduce the carbon footprint for businesses across the world. Our designers created a flat globe in a green colour scheme to signify Environmental Revolutions mission internationally.

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