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App Development

What Can we actually do?

Our mobile application design and development portfolio span far and wide; this allows us to provide our clients with various options that suit their needs best to make sure that we offer you a better idea of what you may need from us.

Hybrid Apps

As the name suggests, these apps are a combination of the other two types of websites. It means that they combine the best functions of the different two types of websites and enhance them. It provides the highest level of customisation and procedures, which allow you to serve your customers to the best of your abilities. Our app designers are the best in town, with thorough expertise in every aspect of web development and design.

M-commerce Apps

These types of apps are similar to Web apps but the primary focus is your online store. The vast majority of online purchases are made on mobile. So with this in mind, these apps are designed from the ground up to give your customer the ideal experience browsing in your store with native navigation.

Web Apps

These apps function more like a website than conventional types of apps. This means that they have a user interface similar to that of a website. They are snappier and are lightweight as they do not occupy much of your device's storage. All the data is stored in the cloud. As the app opens, the app loads up data and content in real-time. These types of apps are the best ones to use for eCommerce platforms similar to Amazon and eBay.

Nearly 90% of small business owners have a smartphone, but only 6% have a mobile app. That number is going to jump as more and more people realize the power of mobile apps for their businesses. We’re here to help with cost-effective mobile app development that’s ideal for small businesses with tight budgets.

Mobile apps used to be inaccessible to most businesses because of the high production cost, just like websites used to be. But with technology advancing and mobile apps becoming more frequent the costs have slowly decreased over time.

The Numbers are staggering

on average a user picks up their phone 58 times a day! 58! That works out at just over 3 hours a day. We can safely call this a phone addiction which is a good thing for you! The more people use their phones the more people will see your business. We want to make sure you are visible.